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    La bohème

    Guest soloists Silja Aalto and Valentin Dytiuk!

  • romeoja-julia_300x180

    Romeo and Juliet

    Premiere on September 20
    Stage Director Stephen Barlow

  • luikede_300x180

    Swan Lake

    Next performances on September 21 and 25

  • tsaari_morsja_300x180

    The Tsar's Bride

    Only 2 performances this autumn!
    On October 2 and 31


Opera House

The Jugend-classicistic theatre building designed by Finnish architects Armas Lindgren and Wivi Lönn was the largest building in the early 20th century Tallinn. One side of the two-wing building was intended for a theatre and the other for a concert hall. This is so also today. Between the magnificent flanks was a lower part which housed a restaurant (the White Hall) and a cloistered inner court which gave colour to the building. The theatre and concert building was inaugurated on 24 August 1913. Sculptor August Weizenberg donated to the new theatre two of his most stunning marble sculptures, “Koit” (Dawn) and “Hämarik” (Dusk) which decorated the Red Hall of the theatre.

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