Concert production of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Opera on February 11 and 13, 2021 at the Estonian National Opera
Libretto by Giambattista Varesco after Antoine Danchet’s “Idoménée”
World Premiere on January 29, 1781 in Residenztheater Munich

“Idomeneo” is Mozart’s humane drama about the casualties of war, the meaning of fate at the power of love. “Idomeneo” was Mozart’s first major opera. His wonderful music makes great demands on the large cast, and the opera’s everyday themes still touch audiences today.

The original opera is based on the Greek myth about Idomeneo, who spent years fighting in the Trojan war. On the journey home in a violent storm, Idomeneo promises Poseidon, god of the sea, earthquakes, storms and horses, that he will sacrifice the first person he meets on land if his life is spared. As fate will have it, Idomeneo meets his son Idamante.

In this game of love, passion and justice, sovereignty and politics will clash, the past will meet the now. This turmoil of themes resulted in an exceptional score with challenging arias, virtuoso orchestral parts and powerful choral scenes.

Staging team

  • Conductor: Risto Joost
  • Stage Director: Veiko Tubin
  • Designer: Reili Evart
  • Lighting Designer: Ritšard Bukin
Soloists: Juhan Tralla, Helen Lokuta, Elena Bražnik, Kristel Pärtna, Mehis Tiits, Reigo Tamm, Priit Volmer  




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