Intermission Order

Preordering over the internet gives you a 20% discount on many products. You are welcome to place an order also in the bars before the show.

Selections Image Price Amount Total €
COMBINED SELECTION for two (trout roe, salmon fillet, whitefish roe, eel, Langres cheese, cold smoke pork ham, ciabatta, melon, orange jam, toast, rye bread, cream cheese, lemon, Frillice lettuce, chives) Pilt 20.00 0.-
FISH SELECTION for two (trout roe, toast, lemon, salmon fillet, eel fillet, whitefish roe, bread, cream cheese, Frillice lettuce) L-free Pilt 15.00 0.-
CHEESE SELECTION for two (goat milk cheese, cow milk cheese with truffles, Langres cheese, crackers, orange jam)   Pilt 12.00 0.-
MEAT SELECTION for two (cold smoke pork ham, ciabatta, marinated artichokes, melon, foie gras, rye bread,duck fillet, cream cheese, Frillice lettuce) L-free Pilt 15.00 0.-
COMBINED SELECTION for six (trout roe, salmon fillet, whitefish roe, eel, duck fillet, orange jam, foie gras, toast, rye bread,cream cheese, lemon, Frillice lettuce) L-free Pilt 36.00 0.-
Salty refreshments Image Price Amount Total €
Sandwich with marinated vegetables and tomato basil hummus (marinated zucchini and bell pepper, dried tomatoes, basil, chickpea, bread, Frillice lettuce) LGV-free Pilt 3.00 0.-
Salmon sandwich (salmon fillet, multigrain toast, cream cheese, butter, Frillice lettuce, lemon) L-free Pilt 3.00 0.-
Ciabatta with cold smoke pork ham (cold smoke pork ham, ciabatta, marinated artichoke, melon, cream cheese, Frillice lettuce) L-free Pilt 3.00 0.-
Potato and ham salad (potatoes, ham, carrots, sour cream, mayonnaise, cucumber) Pilt 3.50 0.-
Smoked chicken salad (smoked chicken, potatoes, marinated bell pepper, zucchini and artichoke, Frillice lettuce, olive oil) LG-free Pilt 4.00 0.-
Shrimp sandwich (shrimp, mayonnaise, dill, toast, eggs, trout roe, lemon) L-free Pilt 5.00 0.-
Sweet refreshments Image Price Amount Total €
SELECTION OF SWEETS for two (berries, eggs, wheat flour, almond flour, butter, strawberry purée, whipped cream, vanilla, chocolate, gelatine, white chocolate, curd, shortcrust pastry base, dark chocolate, butter, caramel, blueberries) Pilt 9.50 0.-
Cake curd cup with berries  (lemon cream, whipped cream, curd, strawberries, shortcrust pastry base) Pilt 3.50 0.-
Fruit salad Suitable for lactose and gluten intolerant people Pilt 3.00 0.-
Blackcurrant cake (blackcurrant purée, whipped cream, vanilla, eggs, wheat flour, almond flour, butter, chocolate, gelatine) Pilt 3.50 0.-
House cake (wheat flour, egg, dark chocolate, cream butter, caramel, blueberry, white chocolate, pistachio) Pilt 3.00 0.-
Soft drinks Image Price Amount Total €
Apple juice 20cl 1.50 0.-
Orange juice 20cl 1.50 0.-
Juice Multinectar 20cl 1.50 0.-
Mineral water Acqua Panna still 25cl 2.00 0.-
Mineral water S. Pellegrino sparkling natural 25cl 2.00 0.-
Water Acqua Panna 75cl 4.00 0.-
Tonic Fentimans 20cl 3.00 0.-
Coca-Cola 25cl 2.50 0.-
Alcoholic drinks Image Price Amount Total €
Champagne Deutz Brut 75cl 68.00 0.-
Champagne Deutz Brut 37,5cl 38.00 0.-
Cava Amador Brut, Penedes 75cl 25.00 0.-
Cava Amador Brut, Penedes 20cl 7.50 0.-
Spumante Martini ASTI  20cl  7.50 0.-
White wine Grand Noir Sauvignon Blanc 18,7cl 6.00 0.-
White wine Leon Beyer Riesling 37,5cl 17.00 0.-
Red wine Grand Noir Cabernet – Syrah 18,7cl 6.00 0.-
Red wine Marques de Caceres Crianza 37,5 cl 17.00 0.-
Gin Crafters London Dry 4cl 4.00 0.-
Campari Bitter 4cl 3.00 0.-
Martini Bianco 8cl 4.00 0.-
Martini Rosso 8cl 4.00 0.-
Brandy Torres 10 YO 4cl 4.00 0.-
Cognac Jules Gautret VSOP 4cl 6.00 0.-
Cognac Remy Martin VSOP 4cl 10.00 0.-
Cognac Remy Martin XO 4cl 18.00 0.-
Liqueur Vana Tallinn 4cl 3.00 0.-
Liqueur Vana Tallinn Signature 4cl 5.00 0.-
Liqueur Vana Tallinn Cream 4cl 3.00 0.-
Hot drinks Image Price Amount Total €
Coffee 2.00 0.-
Tea 2.00 0.-

Total €: 0.-

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