Wimberg (Jaak Urmet)



Jaak Urmet studied Estonian Philology and History at the Tallinn Pedagogical Institute (1997–2002) and obtained his Master’s Degree in Literature (2002–2004). Since 1997 he has been active in writing. He has published numerous novels for children and grown-ups, written for compilations and anthologies. He has written prose, poetry, plays, TV-scripts, essays, and has studied Estonian Literature as well as the history of Estonian rock music. Jaak Urmet has also been a translator and copyreader and the Editor of Eesti Päevaleht literature pages. Since 2008 he is a free-lance writer, publishing under a pen-name Wimberg. For children he has published books of verse “The Christmas of three Dwarfs” (with Jürgen Rooste and Karl Martin Sinijärv, 2002), “Songs of Buratino” (2005), “Tweenies’ Songs” (2006), “Mister Toad” (2008) and “Rock ‘n’ Roll” (2011, Karl Eduard Sööt Prize of children’s poetry), a storybook “A Great Feast” (2009) and a fantasy novel “An Invited Guest” (2010). Wimberg is the screenwriter of the ETV series “Buratino is Around” (2002–2005). Together with Jaanus Vaiksoo and Kristiina Kass he wrote the script for the ETV series “Let’s Meet at Tom’s” (2006–2010). In cooperation with the composer Tauno Aints many songs were born for the Buratino-series, 15 of which are recorded on a CD “Discography of the Favourite Band” (2005). A selection of stories from the same series is published in a book “Buratino is Around. 15 Selected Stories” (2010). In 2011, a puppet show was staged after Wimberg’s script, titled “Prügihunt ja Superjänes” at the Estonian Puppet and Youth Theatre. In 2012 a 12-series TV-show was aired, based on the same story. Jaak Urmet has published a series of literature student books for form four, five and six (together with Lauri Vanamölder, 2004–2007, revised in 2011–2013).

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