Priidu Adlas

Priidu Adlas_kodukale

(Lighting Designer)

Priidu Adlas studied Performing Arts Visual Technology in the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. In 2004–2009 he worked as a freelance lighting designer. In 2009–2014 he was the head of the lighting department and since 2014 he is the Technical Director of Vaba Lava. He has been the nominee for the Estonian Theatre Award 2012.
His works at the Tallinn City Theatre include Frisch’s “Biedermann and The Fire Risers” (2010), Kalinoski’s “Beast On The Moon” (2011), Emanuelsson’s “Watch Me, I’m Falling” (2011), Hare’s “Amy’s View” (2011), Pepeljajev’s “Gizzelle” (2011), Piik’s “End of the Chain” (2012), Chekhonte’s “Tears Invisible to the World” (2012), Piik’s/Leesalu’s “Artists of the Pick-Up Lines” (2012), Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” (2012), Greenberg’s “Three Days of Rain” (2013), Carr’s “By the Bog of Cats” (2013), Wesker’s “Four Seasons” (2013), Horowitz “Mindgame” (2014), Lill’s/Piik’s “Varesele valu…” (2014); at the Estonian Drama Theatre: Kivirähk’s “Vassiljev and Bubõr Made It Here” (2010), Puun’s “The Story of Jaan Umb” (2011), Rummo’s “The Cinderella Game” (2011), Uusberg’s “Until Angels Intervene” (2011), Edgar’s “Pentecost” (2012), Õnnepalu’s “Brother” (2014), Mannheimer’s “In the Last Minute” (2015); at Rakvere Theatre: Vallik’s “How’s it going? Ann?!” (2005), Ilf’s and Petrov’s “12 chairs” (2007), Karu’s “Zero Point” (2011), Brontë’s “Jane Eyre” (2012); Estonian State Puppet and youth Theatre: Wedekind’s “Spring Awakening” (2012), as well as Bizet’s “Carmen” (2006); R.A.A.A.M.: Sophokles’ “Antigone” (2010), Boytchev’s “Orchestra of the Titanic” (2013) and “The Phenomenon” (2014), Alexeyev’s “The Year of Wonders” (2014), Kitzberg’s “The Werewolf” (2015); Vanemuine Theatre: Undusk’s “Quevedo” (2010), Glazunov’s “Raymond” (2013), Teede’s “Estoplast” (2014); Prokofiev’s “Cinderella” (2012, Estonian National Opera), Kase’s “The History of Estonia” (Vaba Lava, 2015), Tubin’s “The Goblin” (Estonian National Opera, 2015).

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