Mikk Jürjens

mikk jürjens_1

(actor, Tallinn City Theatre)

Mikk Jürjens graduated from the Drama Studio of the Estonian Academy of Theatre and Music in 2010. Since the same year he is an actor with the Tallinn City Theatre. His repertoire in the Tallinn City Theatre includes Flagellant (Barnes’ “Red Noses”, 2010), Robin Conway (Priestly’s “Time and the Conways”), Dominic Tyghe (Hare’s “Amy’s View”, both in 2011), Jean, Duke’s servant, servant at an inn (Pushkin’s “Poison”), Vainukägu (Tammsaare’s “The Truth and Justice of Vargamäe. Part 2”), Singer (“Estonian Movie Songs”, all in 2012), Pip Wexler, Theo Wexler (Greenberg’s “Three Days of Rain”), Nemecsek (Molnár’s “The Paul Street Boys”), Young Dunne (Carr’s “By the Bog of Cats”, all in 2013), George (Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men”, 2014), Lobosch (Preussler’s “Krabat”, 2015); in other theatres: Uusberg’s “Ahoi” (2008, Käsmu Culture House), Yevreinov’s “Most Important” (2008, Estonian Drama Theatre), Unt’s “They Speak and Keep Silent” (2009, Drama Studio of the Estonian Academy of Theatre and Music), Türnpu’s “Runo-Songs” (2009, NO99), Üksküla’s “Green-Eyed Lovers” (2009, Courtyard of the Dominican Monastery), Bulgakov’s “Margarita and Master” (2009, NO99), Stoppard’s “Arcadia” (2010, Ugala Theatre), Uusberg’s “The Force” (2010, MTÜ R.A.A.A.M), Lennuk’s “National Referendum on Naissaar” (2012, Nargenfestival) etc.

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