Merle Palmiste


Actress, Estonian Drama Theatre

Merle Palmiste graduated from Tallinn State Conservatory Drama Studio in 1992. She is the member of the Estonian Drama Theatre since the same year. Her vast repertoire includes Juta (Vilde’s “The Inscrutable Mystery”, 1992), Anne (Mishima’s “Madame de Sade”, 1992), Vicki (Frayn’s “Noises Off”, 1992), Claire (Kross’ “A Hard Night for Dr. Karell”, 1994), Catherine (Miller’s “A View from the Bridge”, 1996), Eva Grendl (Bahr’s “The Concert”, 1996), Helge, Viki (Karusoo’s “Kured läinud, kurjad ilmad”, 1997), Karen Andre (Rand’s “Night of January 16th”, 1999), Charlotte (Moliere’s “Don Juan or the Trickster of Sevilla”, 2000), Colombina (Kivirähk’s “The Days of the Parrots”), Carla Pepperbloom (Ayckbourn’s “Comic Potential”, 2001), Kratt, Luise (Kivirähk’s “The Old Barny”, 2001), Luise (Kivirähk’s “The Old Barny and the Reindeer” , 2001), Tiina (Kivirähk’s “Estonian Funerals”, 2002), Mother (Koff’s “Our Father”, 2002), Sylvie (Simon’s “The Odd Couple”, 2003), Peppa (Boytvchev’s “The Colonel Bird”, 2004), Snow Queen (Shvarts’ “The Snow Queen”, 2004), Ingrid, the First Lady (Kall’s “The recovery of the Soft and the Furry”, 2004), Gloria (Patrick’s “Everybody Loves Opal”, 2005), Polly (Lucas’ “Beautiful Short Sighted Eyes”, 2005), Patrizia (Shimmelpfennig’s “Push up”, 2005), Preili Forsythe (Miller’s “The Death of a Salesman”, 2006), Luide, the secretary of the Nobel Prize, Lena/gala (Kivirähki “The Syrrealists”, 2006), Neasa (McPherson’s “Shining City”, 2006), Maria Lebjadkina (Dostoyevsky’s “Demons”, 2007), Gina Ekdal (Ibsen’ “The Wild Duck”, 2007), Sidonia Sergeyevna (Undusk’s “Boulgakoff”, 2008), Susana San Juan (Rulfo’s “Pedro Páramo”, 2009), Falina (Ribalow’s “Raindance”, 2009), Lyubov Andreyevna Ranevskaya (Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard”, 2010), Olya, Masha, Irina (Kivirähk’s “Vasilev and Bubyr, They Built It Here…”, 2010), Hilda (Vahing’s “Wedding”, 2011), Nerissa (Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”, 2011), Dorothy Bridges (Hemingway’s “The Fifth Column”, 2011), Masha (Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” , 2012), Krissu (Keränen’s “The Old Pink House”, 2012), Maria Ogaryova (Stoppard’s “The Coast of Utopia”, Part 2. “Shipwreck”, 2013), Yelena Sergeyevna (Hodge’s “Collaborators”, 2013), etc. At Theatre Ugala she has played the title role of Tammsaare’s “Judith” (2000) and Eliza Doolittle in Shaw’s “Pygmalion” (2000), at Tartu Theatre Lab she has played Gertrud von Keyserling (Undusk’s “Goodbye, Vienna”, 2002) and at Comedy Productions Velma Kelly (Ebb’s and Fosse’s “Chicago”, 2004). Merle Palmiste has played in the movies “Jüri Rumm” (AS Kolberg & Vester, 1994) and “Heart of a Bear” (Faama Film and Cumulus Projekt, 2001) as well as in TV series “Salmons” (ETV, 1993–1995), “Passions” (TV3, 1998), “The Favourite Son of the Fatherland or the Special Agent 1188” (TV3, 2001). In 2002 she received the Estonian Drama Theatre Colleague Award “Little Ants” for the supporting roles in “Four Knights” (Catherine), “Estonian Funeral” (Tiina”), “Knock on the Wood” and “Our Father” (Mother) as well as the “Big Ants” award (2007) for the leading roles of Maria Lebyadkina in “Demons” and Gina Ekdal in “The Wild Duck”.

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