Märt Avandi


Actor, Estonian Drama Theatre

Märt Avandi graduated from the Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2004. He was the member of Rakvere Theatre troupe in 2004–2006 and Endla Theatre in 2006–2009. Since 2009 he is the member of the Estonian Drama Theatre. At the Estonian Drama Theatre he has created various roles, including Lark (Kitzberg’s “Kosjasõit”) and Lily (Molnár’s “Lily”, both are the graduation productions of the Drama School, 2002), Edmund Tyrone (O’Neill’s “Long Day’s Journey into Night”, 2008), Asaf Saharov (Mazja’s “Games in the Backyard or Because”, 2009), Rivo (Lagle’s, Liivak’s “You Have a Sea Full of Fear”, 2009), Ivanov and Siegfried (Kivirähk’s “Vasilev and Bubyr, They Built It Here…”, 2010), Lancelot Gobbo (Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”, 2011), James Tyrone (O’Neill’s “A Moon for the Misbegotten”, 2011), Aleksander (Uusberg’s “Until the Angels Interfere”, 2011), Raif (Edgar’s “Whitsuntide”, 2012), Johan (Algus’ “Contact”, 2012), Ahto (Keränen’s “The Old Pink House”, 2012), Nikolai Sazonov (Stoppard’s “The Coast of Utopia”, Part 2. “Shipwreck”, 2013). His repertoire at Rakvere Theatre included Gobbel (Neilson’s “The Lying Kind”, 2005), Servant (Vinterberg’s, Ruukov’s “The Celebration”, 2005), Peace Dove (Karusoo’s “The Missionaries”, 2005) Pasha (Sigarev’s “Gupi”, 2006); at the Endla Theatre: Indrek (Tammsaare’s “The Kingdom of Vargamäe”, 2006), Eerik Lamm (Gailit’s “Over the Restless Sea”, 2007), Trigorin (Chekhov’s “The Seagull”, 2007), Andrus Kuusk (Kivastik’s “Hero”, 2007), Sargent Henderson (Heller’s “We Bombed in New Haven”, 2008); at Theatre NO99 Participant (Bunjan’s “The Pilgrim’s Progress”, 2005), Man No. 1 (Uusberg’s “Head Change”, 2009) and at the Musical Theatre: Billy Croker (Porter’s “AnythingGoes”, 2008). Märt Avandi has also played in films, such as “Malev” (Exitfilm, 2005), “Alien or Saving Valdis in 11 Episodes” (Parunid ja vonid, 2006), “I Was Here” (Amrion, ETV, Helsinki Filmi Oy, Nelonen, 2008), TV-series “Windward Land” (ETV, 2008), sketch show “Killjoy”, been the host of the shows “Estonia is Searching for a Superstar” and “Estonian Song 2010”. He has received the Festival “DRAAMA 2005” award for his role in Vinterberg’s and Ruukov’s “The Celebration”, as well as in 2007 together with Piret Laurimaa for the role of a lover in Gailit’s “Over the Restless Sea”. In 2009 he received the Estonian Drama Theatre Colleague Award “Big Ants” for the Leading Male Actor for his role of Asaf in “Games in the Backyard or Because”. In 2013 he was awarded the Oskar Luts Humor Prize.

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