Mait Malmsten


(actor, Estonian Drama Theatre)

Mait Malmsten graduated from the Drama School of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in 1994. He is an actor with the Estonian Drama Theatre since 1993. His repertoire includes Horace (Moliére’s “The School for Wives”, 1993) and Don Juan (“Dom Juan ou le Festin de Pierre”, 2000), Johann Köler (Kross’ “A Hard Night for Dr. Karell”, 1994), Shakespeare’’s Demetrius (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, 1995), Sir Irons (“King Richard III”, 1998), Romeo (“Juliet” to the text of Shakespeare, 2004), Iago (“Othello”, 2005) and Shylock (“The Merchant of Venice”“, 2011), Miller’s Rodolpho (“A View from the Bridge”, 1996) and Biff (“Death of a Salesman”, 2006), Nicholas Nickleby (Dickens’ “Nicholas Nickleby”, 1997), Kõiv’s Prior Leonardus (“The Devil’s Elixir”, 1998) and Benzo-Benozzo (“Finis nihili”, 2004), Stoppard’s Jackson (“The Invention of Love”, 1998) and Alexander Herzen (“The Coast of Utopia. Part 2. Shipwreck”, 2013), Mortimer Brewster (Kesselring’s “Arsenic and Old Lace”, 2000), Orin (Ashman’s “The Little Shop of Horrors”, 2000), Artur (Mrožek’s “Tango”, 2002), Eric Swan (Cooney’s “Cash On Delivery”, 2002), Shmuel Sprol (Levin’s “The Rubber Merchants I”, 2002), Padraic (McDonagh’ “The Liutenant of Inishmore”, 2003), Girolamo Savonarola (Kivastik’s “The Pyre of Savonarola”, 2005), Roberto Miranda (Dorfman’s “Death and the Maiden”, 2005), Mikhail Aleksandrovich Rakitin (Turgenev’s “A Month in the Country”, 2006), Dostoyevsky’s Nikolai Stavrogin (“Demons”, 2007) and Fyodor Karamazov (“The Brothers Karamazovs”, 2015), Hjalmar Ekdal (Ibsen’s “The Wild Duck”, 2007), Faddeyev (Undusk’s “Boulgakoff”, 2008), Riho (Vetemaa/Aule/Karusoo’s “Sigma Tau-C705”, 2008), Pedro Páramo (Rulfo’s “Pedro Páramo”, 2009), Tchekhov’s Yermolai Alexeievitch Lopakhin (“The Cherry Orchard”, 2010) and Andrei Sergeyevich Prozorov (“Three Sisters”, 2012), Wilhelm Müller (Kivirähk’s “Vasilev and Bubyr, They Built It Here…”, 2010), Panso (Piik’s “Panso”, 2010), Magnús Sigurðsson (Laxness’ “Iceland’s Bell”, 2012), Goldman, Ernst Miil (Karusoo/Aedmaa/Rahmani/Saul-Gordilov’s “A Song That Remains”, 2014), Benedict (Gray’s “Close of Play”, 2016) among others. He has also been a guest at Vanalinnastuudio, Rakvere Theatre, Comedy Productions and MTÜ R.A.A.A.M. He has also created roles in various TV productions and series as well as films. He has been awarded many awards: Väike Ants, the Colleague Prize of the Estonian Drama Theatre for the Male Supporting Role (2000, 2012), the Annual Estonian Theatre Award (2001, 2003, 2013), Ants Lauter Actor’s Prize (2002), the Annual Award of the Estonian Cultural Endowment (2002), Suur Ants, the Colleague Prize of the Estonian Drama Theatre for the Male Actor in a Leading Role (2010, 2012), the Order of the White Star Fourth Class (2016).

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