Liina Vahtrik


Liina Vahtrik graduated from the Drama School of the Estonian Academy of Music in 1998. In 1998–2008 she was an actress at the Von Krahl Theatre and since 2009 she is a free-lance artist. She has participated in many TV-series, movies, music projects and been a guest actress in various NO99 productions. Her favourite roles are Mällinen (Turkka’s “Connecting People”), Helen (Ravenhill’s “Some Expicit Polaroids”), Mother (Gorki’s “Mother”), White Swan (Pepeljajev’s “Swan Lake”), Man-killer (Tormis’ “Estonian Ballads”), Tiina (Kitzberg’s/Jalakas’ “The Werewolf”), Nina Hagen (Raa’s “Only the Fakes Survive”), Vilja Savisaar (Semper’s/Ojasoo’s/Eplik’s/Juhkam’s “Savisaar”), Female politician (Ojasoo’s/Semper’s “Ühtne Eesti suurkogu”). In 2004 the troupe of Von Krahl received the New York Contemporary Theatre’s Prize “Bessie” for “Swan Lake” and in 2005 she was awarded the Ants Lauter Prize as well as the Festival Draama 2005 Award for modern acting and expressive character (Nina Hagen in Raat’s “Only the Fakes Survive”).

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