Karmen Tellisaar

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(lighting designer)

Karmen Tellisaar is a lighting designer and lighting master with Endla Theatre since 2005. Currently she is studying further at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy as a lighting designer in the Theatre Technical Arts Department. At Endla Theatre she has created lighting designs for the following productions: Astrid Reinla’s “Housemaid” (Stage Director Tiit Palu, 2006), Andres Noormets’ “An Undercover Friend” (Stage Director Andres Noormets, 2007), “A Hundred-Year-Old Child” (Stage Director Andres Noormets, 2008) and “The Beginning” (Stage Director Andres Noormets, 2009), Urmas Vadi’s “The Ballet Master” (Stage Director Andres Noormets, 2009), Tiit Palu’s “Little Time Travelers” (Stage Director Tiit Palu, 2009), Roy Strider’s “The Rebels” (Stage Director Andres Noormets, 2009), Kalju Kangur’s “Timbulimbu and Winter” (Stage Director Andres Noormets, 2010), Lisa Stadler’s “The End” (Stage Director Andres Noormets, 2011), Jaan Tätte’s “Happy Everyday” (Stage Director Enn Keerd, 2011), Sacha Lichy’s “Aladdin’s Magic Lamp” (Stage Director Enn Keerd, 2011), Tiina Laanem’s “An Invisible House” and “Tiger-Tiger” based on Donald Bisset’s stories (both in 2012, Stage Director Andres Noormets), Esko Salervo’s “Silence” (Stage Director Andres Noormets, 2013), Katie O’Reilly’s “The Almond and the Seahorse” (Stage Director Andres Noormets, 2014), Mikhail Lermontov “Hero of Our Time” (Stage Director Galina Polishuk, 2014), Miro Gavran’s “All About Women” (Stage Director Kaili Viidas, 2015). In addition, Tellisaar has created the lighting design for Tõnu Veiler’s dance production “Ohlala” (T-Ballet, 2012).

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