Kaarel Targo

kaarel targo_1

(actor, Theatre Must Kast)

Kaarel Targo is an actor with the theatre Must Kast since 2014. Targo began his acting career in 2006 at the Youth Studio of the Estonian State Puppet Theatre and continued at the Tartu Student Theatre. He has performed on the stages of Ugala Theatre, University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, Theatre Must Kast, Baltoscandal, Estonian Drama Theatre and the Estonian National Opera. His repertoire includes the following productions: Drewe’s/Stiles’ “Honk!” (2011), Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” (2011), Pihl’s “Au revoir, chevalerie”, Tuglas’ “The Mystery of a Life”, “Day of an Androgynous Person”, “Woolf” and “The Royal Cook” (all in 2012), Granov’s “Once More About Love”, “Tales From the Tail” (various authors), Shakespeare’s/Stoppard’s/Unt’s “The Damned Cross”, Ehlvest’s/Kasterpalu’s/Raag’s “The Last Day of the Screening”, Pervik’s/Tungal’s “Arabella” (all in 2013), Kafka’s/Unt’s/Klooren’s monoplay “Monkeyflight”, Landberg’s “The Games of Adam”, Unt’s “Nero”, Maeterlinck’s “Pelléas&Mélisande”, Suominen’s “The Little Prince Hamlet” (all in 2014), Põllu’s “1987”, Landberg’s “Ada and Evald”, Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, Kalvet’s “The Tour in June” (all in 2015) among others.

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