Jan Uuspõld


Jan Uuspõld graduated from the Drama School of Estonian Music Academy in 1998. In 1998–2013 he was a member of the Estonian Drama Theatre troupe, performing actively in 2005–07 in Vanemuine Theatre as well. In addition to performing in repertoire theatres, Jan Uuspõld has staged his own productions with Mono Theatre (2009–14, renamed in 2013 as Prem Theatre (Prem Productions)). His repertoire includes Pietro Belcampo, Field Marshall, Domincan Monk, judge (Hoffmann’s/Kõiv’s “The Devil’s Elixir”), Karl Orsa (T. Lindgren’s “The Snake’s Path on the Stone”), Fool (Shakespeare’s “King Lear”), Cutwell (Pratchett’s “Mort”), Rooney (Kesselring’s “Arsenic and Old Lace”), Holmes (Stoppard’s “After Magritte”), Benjamin Braddock (Johnson’s “The Graduate”), Uncle Georg (Cooney’s “Funny Money”), Andres (Kivirähk’s “Estonian Funeral”), Osvald Alving (Ibsen’s “Ghosts”), Hacho (Boytchev’s “The Colonel Bird”), Count Fosco (Collins’ “A Woman in White”), Rodrigo Borgia (Kivastik’s “The Pyre of Savonarola”), Oskar, Vanemuine vachè (Kivirähk’s “Syrrealists”), Pyotr Verhovensky (Dostoyevsky’s “Demons”), Pasha Popov (Undusk’s “Boulgakoff”), Galceran’s Carlos Bueno (“The Grönholm Method”) and Isidre Gali (“Leak”), Cosme McMoon (Quilter’s “Glorious!”), Semyon Pantelevitch Jepikhodov (Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard”), Antonia (based on Shakespeare: “The Merchant of Venice”), Jòn Hreggvidsson (Laxness’/Erlingsson’s “Islands klukkan”); roles in Prem Theatre (Prem Productions): Woman (Pakk’s “Brussels sprouts”), Eff (Mutit’s “The Penguine and the Alley Cat”), Gnome (Kivirähk’s “The Gnome”), Man (Becker’s “Defending the Cavemen”); roles elsewhere: Kivastik’s Eduard Wiiralt (“Põrguvärk”) and Toomas (“Eesti asi”, both at MTÜ R.A.A.A.M), Musician Margus (Kivirähk’s “Inn”, Kultuurikaptenid), Knut (Hussar’s “Kon-Tiki”, MTÜ Kaks Musketäri), Reverend (Bergman’s “Winter Light”, Theatrum), Professor Würmchen (Zeller’s “The Bird Seller”, Estonian National Opera). He has played in many films and TV-series. Jan Uspõld has been awarded the Estonian Radio Actor’s Award for his roles in radio dramas (Jörgen, Anoulih’s “The Lark”, Karl Raismik, Tammsaare’s “Young Souls”, Ekke, Tohver’s/Õunapuu’s “Domini Cane”, 2001), the Colleague Prize of the Estonian Drama Theatre “Big Ants” (2003, 2011) and Oskar Luts Humour Prize (2014).

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