Gerly Tinn

dolgachov_GLO_Gerly Tinn

Gerly Tinn graduated from the Fashion Design Department of Estonian Academy of Arts (2001) and received her MA in the Costume Design for Performing Arts Department of London College of Fashion (2010). Gerly Tinn has worked as a free lance costume designer, stylist and fashion designer and been a stylist for the following magazines: Stiil, Eesti Naine, Mood, Avenüü, Anne, etc. She has made costume designs for the following productions and movies: Youman’s “No, No, Nanette” (2001), “Georg” (2005), Yeston’s “Phantom” (2007), Porter’s “Anything Goes” (2008, all for Smithbridge Productions), Kander’s “Chicago” (2004, Comedy Productions), Webber’s “Cats” (2005, Theatre Vanemuine), Nuotio’s/Brännare’s/Seppänen’s “Marilyn” (2007, Theatre Ugala), Kass’ “Nöbinina” (ETV, 2011), Sipelga’s/Lotman’s short movie “Rambikramp” (2009), movie “The Demons” (2012, Kopli Kinokompanii), Prokofiev’s “Cinderella” (2012, Estonian National Opera), Bergman’d “Fanny and Alexander” (2014, Theatre Vanemuine). In 2009 she held an exhibition “Black. In White” at Rotermann Gallery in 2009.

Photo: Lev Dolgachov

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