Evelin Võigemast


(actress, Tallinn City Theatre)

Evelin Võigemast graduated from the Drama School of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2002. She joined the troupe of Tallinn City Theatre in the same year. Her repertoire includes Catherine (Dumas’s “The Three Musketeers – Twenty Years After”, 2001),Claire (Auburn’s “Proof”, 2002), Vera (Adabashyan and Mikhalkov based on Chekhov “Unfinished Piece for Player Piano”, 2002), Fenichka (Turgenev’s “Fathers and Sons”, 2002), Laure Carlier (Magnier’s “Blaise”, 2003), Pille (Tätte/Ehala’s “Losers”, 2003), Sonechka, Nobunaga, Geisha (Pelevin’s “Chapayev and Void”, 2003), Rita (Lennuk’s “Boob Knows”, 2004), Anna van Gogh (Wright’s “Vincent”, 2004), Sister (Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”, 2004), singer in “Songs of Estonian Theatre” (2005) and “Tallinn City Theatre Sings. A Happy Evening” (2010), Tiina (Tammsaare’s “Karin. Indrek. Truth and Justice IV”, 2006), Charlotte Goodall (Williams’s “Night of the Iguana”, 2008), Hazel Conway (Priestly’s “Time and the Conways”, 2011), Waitress (Piik’s “End of the Chain”, 2012), Ophelia (Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, 2012), Beatrice (Wesker’s “The Four Seasons”, 2013), Jess (Kelly’s “Love and Money”, 2014), Anna Grigorievna (Gogol’s “Dead Souls”, 2014), Sovereign (Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”, 2015). She has also been a guest at Vanalinnastuudio, Estonian State Puppet Theatre, Nargen Opera and Vanemuine Theatre. She has also played in films, such as “Names in Marble” (2002), “Stiilipidu” (2005), “Demons” (2012), in TV-series “Lucky 13” (since 2004) and “Windward Land” (2008), given her voice to the following characters: Lotte in the animation “Lotte from Gadgetville” (2006) and “Lotte and the Moonstone Secret” (2011). In 2009 she released a solo album for which she received the “Golden Record” as the best newcomer (2010). She has received a lot of recognition: Actress Award of AS ESPAK (2005, 2013), The Tallinn City Theatre Audience Award as the Best Actress (2005, 2006 and 2009), the Annual Estonian Theatre Award (2007), Eesti Päevaleht’s Prize (2009), Tallinn City Theatre Colleague Award (2013), Kroonika’s Entertainer of the Year Prize (2013), The Best Actress Award at the Baltic Theatre Festival in Kaunas (2013) and she is the winner of the TV-show “Your Face Sounds Familiar” (season 2013).

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