Argo Aadli


(actor, Tallinn City Theatre)
Argo Aadli graduated from the Drama School of Estonian Music Academy in 2002. He joined the troupe of Tallinn City Theatre in the same year. His repertoire at the Tallinn City Theatre includes Banquo (Shakespeare’s/Mikkola’s “Macbeth”), Foster, Doctor (Macmillan’s “People, Places and Things”), Shakespeare’s Snug (“Midsummer Night’s Dream”) and Rosencrantz (“Hamlet”), Andrusch (Preussler’s “Krabat”), Paul, Doctor (Kelly’s “Love and Money”), Adam (Wesker’s “Four Seasons”), Nathanael, Vladimir Strahl, Ivan Vassiljevitch Lomov (Chekhonté “Tears Invisible To the World”), Glagellant (Barnes’ “Red Noses”), Mr. Biedermann (Frisch’s “The Fire Raisers”), Nick (Albee “Who Is Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”), Stage Director, Hamlet, Doctor, Kaido, Eager to become a Municipal Policeman, Drunkard (“For Hecuba”), inBOIL (Brautigan’s “In Watermelon Sugar”), Kiddi (Jónasson’s “Riffle”), Truffaldino, Falcon (Gozzi’s “The Raven”), Charlie Conlon (Jones’ “Stones in His Pockets”), Journalist Pilu (Tammsaare’/Nüganen’s “Karin. Indrek. The Truth and Justice. 4.”), Indrek Paas (Tammsaare’s/Nüganen’s “The Truth and Justice. Part 2“), Gregor Samsa (Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”), Boob (Lennuk’s “Boob Knows”), Serdyuk (Pelevin’s “Chapayev and Void”), Marshall (Storey’s “Sunday”), Zahhar (Adabashjan and Mikhalkov based on Chekhov: “Pianola or The Mechanical Piano”), Lauri (Kivi’s “The Seven Brohers”), Papa Carlo, Innkeeper (Tolstoy’s/Nüganen’s “Burattino”), Zametov (Dostoyevsky’s “The Crime and Punishment”) etc; he has also appeared as a guest in other theatres: Boytchev’s “Titanic Orchestra” (MTÜ R.A.A.A.M), Ots’ “The Children of Helios” (Ajateater), Konstantin Aksakov, Franz Otto (Stoppard’s “The Coast of Utopia. Part 2. Shipwreck” (Estonian Drama Theatre), Suuman’s “The Enchanted Spring” (Museum at Palamuse), Jaan (Uusberg’s “Stopover” (MTÜ R.A.A.A.M), Juhan (Smuul’s “Letters to Mother”) and played in movies, such “Names in Marble” (Taska Film, 2002), “Secret Society of Souptown” (Nafta Films, 2015) and participates in TV-series “ENSV” (ETV, beginning from 2010). He has been awarded the Colleague Prize of Tallinn City Theatre (2005, 2008 and 2014), Crystal Shoe Award (2003), “The Little Prize” from the festival “Drama 2007”, The Best Male Actor Award from the festival “Drama 2009, Ants Lauter Prize (2011), The Audience Award of Tallinn City Theatre (2011, 2013, 2014 and 2017), Espak Actor Award (2004 and 2011), Tallinn City Theatre Management Prize 2016 to the most engaged actor in 2015.

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