Andres Puustusmaa

Andres Puustusmaa graduated from the Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in 1994. After graduation he joined Estonian Drama Theatre and worked there as an actor until starting cinematography studies at Russian State Institute of Cinematography in Moscow (2002–2004). After graduation he became a director at Mosfilm film studio. Currently, Andres Puustusmaa is a free lance stage director, director and actor. He has directed the following films: “After the Noise” and “Travellers” (both as school works, 2003), “The Killing Force” (2005) and “1814” (2007, both for Non-Stop Productions), “Red Pearls of Love” (2008, Filmocom), “Magician” (2008, Non-Stop Productions), “White Sand” (2010, Slovo), “Red Mercury” (2010, Taska Productions), “Rattrap” (2011, Triamen Film), TV-series “Rihmad lahti” (2012, Forte Fortissimo Films, Pervyi Kanal). In autumn 2012 there will be the screening of “In Warsaw” (Triamen Film and Forte Fortissimo Films) and in 2013 “My Son” (Forte Fortissimo Films) for Pervyi Kanal in 4 episodes. In addition, Andres Puustusmaa works in the field of photography.


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