Andrea Tocchio

Set designer

Andrea Tocchio graduated from Rome’s “La Sapienza” University in civil engineering, and studied theatre and music at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome. Since 1992 he has been working as a set designer for theatre, dance, opera and movies, both in Italy and abroad. Since 1998 he has worked as an assistant director for Piero Faggioni, Lindsay Kemp and Marco Gandini. He has also worked as an assistant set designer to Prof. Italo Grassi in Italy and Japan and as a lighting designer with Sergio Rossi. Currently he is a technical director at Teatro Valle Occupato in Rome. He has participated in more than 90 productions in cooperation with Giuliano Montaldo, Hugo De Ana, Jonatan Miller, Beni Montresor, Alberto Fassini, Piero Faggioni, Guido De Monticelli, Roberto De Simone, Lorenza Cantini, Luciano Damiani, Franco Zeffirelli, Robert Wilson, Filippo Crivelli, Chris Krauss, Gigi Proietti, and many others. Recently he has cooperated with Fondazione Fendi, Soirées Lyriques de Sanxay, Estonian National Opera, Theatro Municipal de Sao Paulo, Georgian National Opera Theater. He currently lives in Rome, where he opened a studio for theatre design with Maria Rossi Franchi.

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