Andero Ermel

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(actor, Tallinn City Theatre)

Andero Ermel graduated from the Drama School of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in 1998. He is the member of the Tallinn City Theatre since the same year. His repertoire includes Sergeant Stuff (Campbell’s “Skungpoomery”, 2013), Richter (Molnár’s “The Paul Street Boys”, 2013), Nikolay Ketcher (Stoppard’s “The Coast of Utopia. Part 1. Voyage“, 2013), Man (Piik’s “The End of the Chain”, 2012), Brother Boutros (Barnes’ “Red Noses”, 2012), Gerald Thornton (Priestley’s “Time and the Conways”, 2012), Fred (Brautigan’s/Liivak’s “In Watermelon Sugar”, 2008), Verkushkin (O. and V. Presnyakov’s “Playing the Victim”, 2008), Chorus (Vogel’s “How I Learned to Drive”, 2007), Rönee (A. H. Tammsaare’s/Nüganen’s “Karin. Indrek. Truth and Justice”. 4“, 2006), etc., roles in music productions “The Songs of Estonian Movies” (2012, music director Riina Roose), “Tallinn City Theatre Sings. A Happy Evening” (2010, music director Riina Roose), “The Songs of Estonian Theatre” (2005, music director Riina Roose), Pervik’s/Tungla’s/Ehala’s “Arabella” (2013, Birgitta Festival), Joe (Styne’s “Sugar”, 2008, Vanemuine Theater), Freddy (Loewe’s “My Fair Lady”, 2008, Estonian National Opera), Toni Schlumberger (Kálmán’s “Die Zirkusprinzessin”, 2015, Estonian National Opera), Schlomo Metzenbaum (Silva’s/Fernandez’s “Fame”, 2006, Smithbridge Productions), Doody (Jacobs’/Casey’s “Grease”, 2004, Estonian State Puppet Theatre), Angel (Larson’s “Rent”, 2004), Rudy (Sherman’s “Bent”, 2003, Tallinn Old Town Studio), etc. Ermel has also participated in TV-shows, such as “Cream in My Coffee” (TV Theatre, 1998) and “Robin Hood” (Emajõe Summer Theatre, 1998). He has won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role Award from the children’s jury at the “Banafish Festival” (2001), Tallinn City Theatre Colleague Award for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role (2009) for the role of Verkushkin in “Playing a Victim” and the Eesti Päevaleht Award (2011).

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