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Terms and conditions of Intermission order
1. Having tickets for the day of ordering is a requisite for making an order.
2. An order will be accepted 24 h before the show at the latest.
3. An order will be considered accepted after payment.
4. Orders will be processed based on the order that they were received.
5. An order for a theatre hall performance is generally served in the Blue hall in the customer’s name. Rahvusooper Estonia Catering reserves the right to make changes in the location of carrying out the order, if necessary.
6. Subsequent changes in the order made by the customer will be accepted only when possible by prior agreement.
7. If the performance is cancelled or if the customer surrenders the tickets of a substitute performance, the pre-payment will be returned on the basis of a customer’s application. An application can be sent within 5 working days from the day of performance to: Later applications will not be considered.
8. Please send an order for 20+ persons 3 days before the performance to:

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