• New Estonian Ballet Capturing and Beautiful

    25.09.2012 / Ülla Veerg

    It is a dramatic, sometimes violent performance, deeply tragical and very beautiful. Modigliani’s paintings play an important role and evocative lighting and use of smoke and mists heightens the sense of a dream world – though the sets and many of the scenes are very realistic.

  • Faust Butchered by Bertman – but Survives

    25.09.2012 / Ülla Veerg

    Musically the level is very high. The premiere was conducted by Vello Pähn, who from 1 August is the Artistic Director and Chief Conductor after Arvo Volmer. I have nothing but praise for his reading of this score, often criticised as being too sugary. Pähn managed to inject a dose of insulin to keep the sugar-balance on a healthy level.

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