29 May will see the gala performance of Tallinn Ballet School

On 29 May will take place the gala concert of the Tallinn Ballet School at the Estonian National Opera. This year’s gala features students from the youngest to the senior grades: Anna-Roberta Lahesoo, Innessa Glazõrina, Laura Ragel, Serafima Kolodkina, Anita Kurõljova, Elise Pottmann, Elina Masing, Aglaia Fedotova, Ulla-Mari Tammela, Marfa Sayapina, Jaan Männima, Taras Titarenko and Kaito Kurokawa, who will perform fragments from classical pieces in the first part of the evening and bring to you Marina Kesler’s brand new staging “Death and the Maiden” to the music of Franz Schubert in the second part.

This year a new class of contemporary dance will see its first graduates. Choreographer Marina Kesler takes the challenge to create a synthesis of classical and contemporary dance techniques. In the original story of “Death and the Maiden” Death conquers the Maiden, but in Kesler’s version the concept changes without breaking musical dramaturgy. The choreographer experiments with an idea that a person has a capacity to change his destiny. She believes that it is a positive message to young people, who step into the world of grown-ups and have not yet lost hope, strength and belief in achieving their dreams. They are the ones to model the new generation of our society with their extravagant and bold ideas.

Photo: Rünno Lahesoo

„The Bird Seller“ by Estonian director Marko Matvere

Carl Zeller’s most popular operetta, „The Bird Seller” (Der Vogelhändler) will premiere at the Estonian National Opera on May 26. It is a bucolic comedy set in the 18th-century Bavaria which humorously mocks the time’s court, its petty intrigues and village romance. The operetta is directed by Marko Matvere and designed by Kristi Leppik, the premiere will be conducted by Lauri Sirp.
Marko Matvere: „ The structure of „The Bird Seller“ is similar to that of Shakespeare’s comedy „The Taming of the Shrew“ – here as well two young lovers find each ohter only after several adevntures and misunderstandings due to their pride and strong character. In the operetta, this scheme has been complemented with many diferent series of events and it could even be said that the intrigue has been over complicated. But in the end, everything makes sense and understanding the plot should not be difficult.“

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