This week at the virtual theatre: homage to Verdi and a ballet about the silent movie era

20.05.2020 / Leenu Nigu


This week Estonian National Opera offers to the audience a mini-concert dedicated to the music of Giuseppe Verdi and the humorous ballet Rosalinde.

On Thursday, May 21 starting from 7 PM our audience will be able to enjoy the mini-concert titled Evviva Verdi!. The oeuvre of the most famous Italian composer is full of love, be it the love for one’s country, fatherly feelings for the children or a gentleman’s passion for a lady. All this can be heard in the superb melodies of his works. The concert will feature excerpts from the opera Giovanna d’Arco that was due to premiere this spring and from the timeless love story La traviata. The performers will be Aare Saal (baritone), Elena Brazhnyk (soprano) and Ivo Sillamaa (piano).

On Saturday, May 32 at 7 PM we will be streaming on our Facebook page Ronald Hynd’s witty and humorous ballet Rosalinde to the music of Johann Strauss. The ballet reflects the era of musicals and silent films of the 1920s and takes the audience to a glamorous masked ball and the world of piquant intrigues. Rosalinde is at once uproariously funny and sublime, as well as romantic and intrinsically balletic. The designer of the piece is Peter Docherty from England and the conductor Jüri Alperten, the cast includes Anatoli Arhangelski, Alena Shkatula, Eve Andre, Sergei Upkin and many others.

Stay safe and let’s meet in the theatre in autumn!

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