Estonian National Opera streams online opera “The Love for Three Oranges”

29.04.2020 / Alisson Kruusmaa


Estonian National Opera continues streaming performances online. On May 2 at 7 PM an opera by Sergey Prokofiev “The Love for Three Oranges” will be shown on the National Opera’s Facebook page. The opera premiered in 2010, with Dmitri Bertman as stage director and Arvo Volmer as music director.

The Opera is an Italian style commedia dell’arte or improvised masque comedy through the perception of the 20th century Russian composer. Prokofiev wrote the libretto himself, it is based on the Russian adaptation of Carlo Gozzi’s eponymous comedy (1761). Gozzi’s surreal and fantasy-laden play inspired Prokofiev to create a masterpiece that mixes magic, comedy and satire.

The stage director Dmitri Bertman has added even more colours to the mix. He describes his vision as follows: “I was striving for a stage production that would act like a vitamin that would inject a dose of sunshine, energy and fantasy into the cold days of Northern Europe…”

Saturday’s performance was recorded in collaboration with Estonian National Broadcasting at the production’s premiere in January 2010. The designers of the opera are Igor Nezhnyi and Tatyana Tulubeva, the performers include Priit Volmer, Mart Madiste, Helen Lokuta, Jassi Zahharov and many others.

The online performance begins on May 2 at 7 PM and will remain online for a week. Watching the performance is free of charge. The viewer does not need to have a Facebook account. The performance is in Estonian and can be viewed here:

Estonian National Opera is sincerely thankful to our long-term collaborators Estonian National Broadcasting and Estonian Records Production without whom the performance streaming would not be possible. Music courtesy of Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Limited.

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