Next online. The first Estonian ballet „The Goblin“

07.04.2020 / Leenu Nigu


On Saturday, April 11 at 7 PM Estonian National Opera will stream Eduard Tubin’s ballet „The Goblin“ on opera’s Facebook page. The piece is the first ballet written by an Estonian composer and in its’s new version the production premiered in 2015 with Marina Kesler being the director and choreographer.

The ballet tells a well known story form Estonian folklore about a goblin who steals wealth for a greedy farmer. According to the composer the ballet’s music is also largely based on Estonian folk music.

In the interpretation of the choreographer Marina Kesler, however, the ballet touches also more contemporary issues. Marina Kesler: „The Goblin is an allegory of several ideas: a thought in the farmer’s head, a sin on a person’s conscience, a source of wealth acquired by dishonest means, but also a very real creature that you can see dancing on the stage“. Kesler’s staging raises the question – what is really important in today’s hasty and material world? Is there a place for love?

Saturday’s performance was recorded in collaboration with Estonian National Broadcasting on March 8 and 10, 2017. The conductor is Vello Pähn, set design is by Madis Nurms and costumes by Gerly Tinn. The performers include Denis Klimuk, Anatoli Arhangelski, Eneko Amorós, Jevgeni Grib, Marika Muiste and others.

For the first time, the ballet premiered in Estonian National Opera in 1944. “The Goblin” could be performed a few times only as the theatre suffered severely from the Soviet aerial bombardment, begun on March 9, 1944. Without having time to change out of their costumes, the dancers fled the building, scaring the citizens in the streets.

The online performance begins on April 11 at 7 PM and will remain online for a week. Watching the performance online is free of charge. The viewer does not need to have a Facebook account. The performance can be viewed HERE.

Read more about the production and view the programme HERE.

You can find information about the following streamed performances on the Estonian National Opera Facebook page.

Estonian National Opera is sincerely thankful to our long-term collaborators Estonian National Broadcasting and Estonian Records Production without whom the performance streaming would not be possible.


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