Last performance of „Estonian History. A Nation Born of Shock“!

25.02.2019 / Alisson Kruusmaa


On Sunday, March 3 the cooperation production of the Estonian National Opera and Kanuti Gildi SAAL, „Estonian History. A Nation Born of Shock“, will have its last performance.

The opera tells a story of a people and a land whose history has been affected by a great cosmic natural disaster, which caused them to inadvertently be the founders of the European culture since the early Iron Ages.

Starring René Soom (Lennart Meri), Priit Volmer (Manfred MIM), Juuli Lill (Pythea), Kristel Pärtna (Meteoori hääl), Mati Turi (Anto Raukas/Gustav Ernesaks), Mart Madiste (Artur Alliksaar), Mart Laur (Aristoteles) etc. Conductor Kaspar Mänd.

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