“St. Cecilia Mass” by Gounod at Estonian National Opera’s All Souls’ Day Concert

23.10.2018 / Alisson Kruusmaa


Estonian National Opera is pleased to invite everybody to the All Souls’ Day Concert at St John’s Church on November 2, at 6 o’clock.

Estonian National Opera celebrates the 200th anniversary of Charles Gounod on All Souls’ Day by performing one of his most famous masses – “St. Cecilia Mass” or “Messe solennelle en l’honneur de Sainte-Cécile”. Conductor Kaspar Mänd characterizes the piece as powerful and grand, yet subtle and beautiful.

Concert will be performed by Heli Veskus (soprano), Reigo Tamm (tenor), Jassi Zahharov (baritone), Estonian National Opera Chorus and the Mixed Chorus of the Estonia Society. Conductor Kaspar Mänd.

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