Estonian Theatre celebrates its 112th birthday

16.09.2018 / Lisanna Männilaan


Today, on September 16th, Estonian Theatre “Estonia” celebrates its 112th birthday. “Estonia” celebrates with the veterans of the theatre – before the show, a festive reception will take place in the White Hall, and a performance of Pál Ábrahám’s “Savoy ball” will be watched together.

“The relationship of the past and the future is very important to us. The value of this theatre are the people who create these connections,” said the theatre director Aivar Mäe. “So, we get together annually on the birthday of the theater, on September 16th, in order to remember the days in the past and look in the future. Congratulations to all of the Estonians!” added Mäe.

In 1865, the song and drama society “Estonia” was founded in Tallinn. In 1906, the society became the basis for the professional theatre founded by the directors and actors Paul Pinna and Theodor Altermann called “Estonia”, which moved  moved to a newly built theater house on the Estonian Avenue in 1913. Since 1998, it bears the name The Estonian National Opera and operates as a body governed by public law according to the National Opera Law passed in 1997 in the Republic of Estonia.

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