Olav Ehala’s musical „Buratino“ will premiere on May 26th

22.05.2018 / Lisanna Männilaan


On May 26th “Buratino”, a children’s musical by Olav Ehala will premiere in the Estonian National Opera. The stage director is Andres Dvinjaninov, the author of costumes and sets is a beloved Estonian fashion designer Triinu Pungits.

Estonian National Opera is very honoured that the composer has written a magnificent symphony orchestra arrangement for the theatre’s version of “Buratino”. The arrangement and Ehala’s charming melodies have breathed new life to the 43-year-old performance.

One day the elderly organ grinder Papa Carlo receives quite an ordinary log as a gift. He decides to carve a puppet out of it and to his great surprise it springs to life. Papa Carlo names him Buratino and sells his jacket to send the puppet to school. A little naughty, but otherwise kind-hearted, Buratino is caught up in adventures that take him through the Land of Fools, across the Field of Wonders, Tortila’s pond and through the Inn. On his way he meets the evil puppeteer Carabas Barabas, Basilio the Cat and Alice the Fox, robbers and the police dogs.

Tortila the Turtle gives him a golden key that opens a secret door in Carlo’s chamber… With the help of his friends Malvina, Pierrot and Artemon he prevents Carabas Barabas from obtaining the key and saves the puppets of the theatre. In spring, all Olav Ehala’s beloved tunes, jolly songs and merry characters will come to life on the stage of the Estonian National Opera!

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