The magical „Tannhäuser“ on stage for the last time this season

08.05.2018 / Lisanna Männilaan


On 10th and 30th May, Wagner’s opera „Tannhäuser”, which has won the annual theatrical prize of Estonia, will be on the Estonian National Opera’s stage for the last time this season.

„Tannhäuser”, belongs to the composer’s more romantic stage in his creative career together with “Der fliegende Holländer” and “Lohengrin”. Telling the story of man’s struggle towards his dreams and the danger of losing touch with the reality, “Tannhäuser” unites the historical with the mythological, creating a world of magic realism common to Wagner’s operas.

In the title roll will be Jyrki Anttila, the role of Elisabeth and Venus will be sung by Heli Veskus, in the role of Wolfram will be Rauno Elp. The conductor is Vello Pähn or Arvo Volmer.

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