Desperate woman’s revenge – the ballet “Medea” once again on stage

03.05.2018 / Lisanna Männilaan


Italian choreographer Gianluca Schiavoni’s ballet will be on the Estonian National Opera’s stage only three times this Spring.

The ballett created on Igor Stravinsky and Alfred Schnittke’s music, tells a modern story of a well-known Greek myth. Medea, a sensual and powerful princess of mythical Colchide, is a seductive sorceress, who abandons her country and her family for her love of a strong and beautiful man called Jason. As a contrast he is not only interested in Medea’s love. Once she realizes that Jason is betraying her, she decides to take revenge and the most terrible of all.

The main roles will be danced by Alena Shkatula and Andrea Fabbri or Luana Georg and Sergei Upkin. Performances on May 12th and 25th, and on June 2nd.

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