“Cardillac” suprises with guest soloists

15.02.2018 / Lisanna Männilaan


On February 25, Hindemith’s opera “Cardillac” will be on the Estonian National Opera stage for the last time this season. The role of officer will be sung by Carsten Süss and in the role of cavalier is Sergiu Saplacan.In the title role is the beloved Rauno Elp, the role of Cardillac’s daughter will be sung by Helen Lepalaan and the role of gold merchant will be sung by Mart Laur. The conductor is Vello Pähn.

The protagonist is a goldsmith Cardillac, who fabricates wonderful things and because of his obsession with them he also retrieves them by theft and murder. The plot revolves around the dilemma of revealing to the public that the beloved artist is also the criminal who made an entire city fearful. The citizens and police fail to make any connection between the coincidence of the purchases and murders until Cardillac finally confesses. A crowd then beats him to death, but after his daughter explains that the murders were merely the consequence of his love of beauty, they sing a ravishing eulogy.

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