New ballet „A Streetcar named Desire“ premieres on 4 November by the Estonian National Ballet

02.11.2017 / Lisanna Männilaan


On the 4 November a new ballet, „A Streetcar named Desire“ by Nancy Meckler and Annabelle Lopez Ochoa will premiere at the Estonian National Opera, starring Alena Shkatula as Blanche, Ana Maria Gergely as Stella and new principal dancer Kealan McLaughlin as Stanley. The ballet is based on Tennessee Williams’ play of the same name.

„A Streetcar named Desire“ is a masterpiece which connects drama and dance into one whole. It is a story of a woman who’s life goes by a tragic pathway and is too overwhelming for her delicate nature.
Director and librettist Nancy Meckler: “The main character’s Blanche’s inner life is full of fantasy and harsh memories, invisible in Tennessee Williams’s play, but in the ballet, visible and expressed through dance.”

The production has been brought to the stage by a very exciting duet – American-English film director Nancy Meckler and one of the most appreciated choreographer in the world Annabelle Lopez Ochoa. Music is composed by Peter Salem, conductor is Kaspar Mänd or Lauri Sirp.
Estonian National Ballet is the second company in the world to acquire the rights of this ballet.

Photo: Pille Riin Pettai

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