International Dance Day Gala on 29 April

17.04.2017 / Ülla Veerg


The traditional International Dance Day Gala on 29 April presents Filipa de Castro and Carlos Pinillos from the National Ballet of Portugal, the best dancers of the Estonian National Ballet and Vanemuine Theatre. The gala features pearls from classical ballets as well as the freshest pieces in contemporary Estonian dance – the world premiere of the duet “Chase” for Alena Shkatula and Denis Klimuk by Thomas Edur to the music of an Estonian electronic musician Bisweed. Jevgeny Grib and Marta Navasardyan will dance a duet “Sharps and Flats” to the music of Sasha Pushkin that was created within the programme of Choreographic Etudes in spring 2016. Marita Weinrank presents the solo number “Today I will sing” by Edur and she is accompanied on stage by an Estonian runic song artist Kairi Leivo. You are welcome to celebrate the International Dance Day together with the Estonian National Ballet. Artistic Director of the gala is Thomas Edur.

Soloists: Filipa de Castro and Carlos Pinillos (Portugal National Ballet), Luana Georg, Jevgeni Grib, Denis Klimuk, Marta Navasardyan, Zachary Rogers, Alena Shkatula, Sergei Upkin, Andrea Fabbri, Elisabetta Formento, Carlos Garcia, Ali Urata, Marita Weinrank (Estonian National Ballet) and Alexander Germain Drew, Maria Engel, Brandon Alexander, Tarasina Masi (Vanemuine Theatre).


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