150 members of the Estonian National Opera are going to perform at MustonenFest in Israel

22.02.2016 / Ülla Veerg


150 members of the Estonia Theatre will travel to Israel to participate in the MustonenFest festival taking place from 22 February until 1 March. The highlights of the festival will be the performances of Handel’s operas “Julius Caesar” and “Rinaldo” in Tel Aviv Opera House under the conduction of Andres Mustonen. In addition to that, the National Opera Orchestra, Boys’ Choir and soloists Helen Lokuta, Oliver Kuusik, Monika-Evelin Liiv, Rauno Elp, Helen Lepalaan, Juuli Lill, Kadri Kipper, Mart Laur and Mart Madiste will perform at numerous concerts of the festival.

“It is the first time the Estonian National Opera is going to perform in Israel, and I am extremely glad that we have the opportunity to pay a visit and introduce our opera culture in such an interesting country with such a rich history. Hereby, I would like to thank the Estonian ambassador Malle Mustonen for the invitation and for helping to organise the travel, as this trip is indeed more difficult than usual in many ways,” said Aivar Mäe, the General Manager of the Estonian National Opera.

The 27th MustonenFest festival, which is building a cultural bridge between Estonia and Israel, began at the end of January with concerts in Estonia and will continue in an outstanding manner in Tel Aviv in February. The participation of the Estonian National Opera is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia.

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