The presentation concert of the new Estonia piano was held in Sloviansk on 20 January

21.01.2015 / Ülla Veerg

Klaver 274

On 20 January was held the presentation concert of the new Estonia piano at the Sloviansk School of Fine Arts. The General Manager of the Estonian National Opera Aivar Mäe took part in the concert.

In October and November, the Estonian National Opera held the charitable campaign “Estonia for Ukraine” to purchase a new Estonia concert piano for the students of the Sloviansk School of Fine Arts. A total of EUR 34,467 was raised as ticket proceeds from charity concerts and donations collected in donation boxes and received from sponsors.

The project was supported by the Ukrainian National Opera, Ukrainian Embassy in Estonia, Ministry of Culture of Estonia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Estonian Embassy in Kiev, Estonian Air, KH Energia Konsult, VKG, Postimees and many other companies and persons.

The transport of the piano was entrusted to Movemaster OÜ, DSV Transport AS and Eurodean International Mover Ltd.

Sloviansk is located in Eastern Ukraine and has a population of about 100,000. The city suffered in battles and is now being rebuilt. The Sloviansk School of Fine Arts was also extensively damaged. After restoration, there will be 600 students studying their choice of specialty – singing, music, ballet, and performing arts. The School has a hall that seats 300 and an Estonia piano from the 1970s, which is now due to be replaced.

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